Wordless Wednesday: Still CANCER FREE!

by Texas Homesteader ~


Today's a special day for me, since April 12th, 2013 was the day I Kicked Cancer To The Curb! Praise God, today I'm still cancer free! #TexasHomesteader

Today’s a special day for me, since April 12th, 2013 was the day I Kicked Cancer To The Curb!  Praise God, today I’m still cancer free!

My prayer today is for strength & healing for those still struggling with this awful disease, and to remember those gone way too soon because of it.


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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Still CANCER FREE!

  1. suz

    this requires coming out of lurkdom to shout hallelujah and do a few cartwheels … X … X … X ….
    –suz in ohio, thanks for letting me lurk.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Suz – THANK YOU! I’m a long-time lurker for many of my favorite sites as well, so there’s no shame in that. I often glean lots of good information, enjoy the comments & move on. Thank you for YOUR sweet (and athletic) comment, which really touches my heart! ~TxH~

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Amen! It always surprises me how much emotion flows from me when the topic of my illness & recovery comes up. Tears always flow freely. I guess it was just such an intensely traumatic time for us, the passion of it all comes to the surface at the slightest provocation. I’ll be in prayerful reflection today, praising God for my recovery & praying for others dealing with this awful disease. ~TxH~


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