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The old ways of doing things are often the best. How would grandma do it?

Why Doesn’t Junior Want Grandma’s Fine China?

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

You may value your family’s heirlooms, but can no longer be sure future generations will be interested in grandma’s finer things. A generation shift might make it harder to pass grandma’s stuff to your kids. Read my thoughts about the difference in typical life for the different generations.

Newsflash: Junior may not be interested in receiving grandma's fine china. A generation shift might make it harder to pass grandma's finer things to your kids. #TexasHomesteader

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Grandma-Approved Cleaning Techniques For A Cozy Home

by Texas Homesteader ~

So many people just seem to be too busy to keep a tidy house anymore. But can we all learn to clean like grandma did?

I’m nowhere the housekeeper grandma was, but here are a few things we do here on our Homestead that grandma would surely approve of…

Why have we complicated cleaning? Here are a few cleaning techniques at our Homestead that grandma would surely approve of. #TexasHomesteader

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How To Line-Dry Sheets On A Windy Day

by Texas Homesteader ~  
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Do you struggle drying your clean sheets outside due to the wind? You know the drill, you fight to get the sheets onto the line. Then the wind catches them & makes them want to set sail into the next county!  

But I’ve discovered a secret to keeping the sheets on the line on windy days! 

Sometimes it's hard to dry your sheets outside due to the wind. But I've discovered a secret to keeping the sheets on the line! #TexasHomesteader

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Homestead Hack: Frozen Water Bottles in the Kitchen

 by Texas Homesteader ~

OK, I’ve made it no secret that we own a nice, newer, high-end CRAPPY refrigerator/freezer. It was exorbitantly expensive because we required a specific size to fit into our kitchen layout.  Although it looks great and is labeled ‘Energy Star’ to conserve electricity, it’s…  well…  it’s crap!

One of the biggest deal-breaking problems with it is the ice maker. Although there are only two of us in this house on any given day, it can’t keep up with our ice needs. 

Now we work outside in the Texas heat all summer, ice is a necessity! Of course we could buy ice cube trays blah, blah, blah but instead I just make sure to reserve ice use for actually cooling our drinks. 

But there are other times when I need to use ice in the kitchen. For instance, when I’m making homemade yogurt I need to cool the heated milk. Now I used to do that in a bowl filled with ice – what do I do now? Check out this Homestead Hack, y’all!

Homestead Hack: Repurposing Frozen Water Bottles In The Kitchen is a Double-Win For The Environment. See How I Use Them! #TexasHomesteader

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Whispers of Past Lives… Digging Up Old Glass Jars

by Texas Homesteader ~

One day RancherMan took my hand & suggested we enjoy an unseasonably warm day & take a walk around the homestead.

As I often do this time of year when the poison ivy and snakes are (for the most part) dormant, I found myself once again at the location where the previous owners used to take their household discards.

Although our barn and some of the barbed wire on our property dates back to the 1880’s, the last residents before us had their house burn down because of a lightening strike sometime in the late 1950’s.

So this area where they tossed their no-longer usable household items so long ago is like a mini time travel for me and I love it!

It seems I can learn about those inhabitants from so long ago from what they left behind, a broken child’s die-cast car, broken household trinkets and glass jars.

I've been digging up old glass jars. The previous homesteader's home burned down back in the 1950's, but I can read their stories by what they left behind. #TexasHomesteader

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