How To Eat Your Compost BEFORE It’s Compost! Becoming A Food Waste Ninja…

by Texas Homesteader ~  Have you ever thought about eating your compost to eliminate food waste? Stay with me now, I’m not suggesting that you rifle through the compost heap and snack on its contents. Come see ways I’ve saved food previously destined for the compost pile. 

New To Composting? Don’t Worry, Compost Doesn’t Stink!

by Texas Homesteader ~ Any gardener knows that compost is ‘Black Gold‘. But for those just starting out, there’s often some hesitation. You’re rotting things in a pile, doesn’t that stink? The answer is: No!  Well actually, yes and no – the result depends on you. Don’t worry, it’s easy to make compost!

GO GREEN – Compostable Utensils & Wooden Plates!

by Texas Homesteader ~ *contains affiliate links Did y’all know there’s such a thing as ‘Plastic-Free July‘? Me neither! But you know I hate plastic so I’m loving anything that has to do with eliminating more of it.  And it’s perfect timing since recent buying decisions had me looking for disposable utensils. Wait a minute, […]

Review: Compostable Bamboo Toothbrush

~by Texas Homesteader ~ *contains affiliate link Recently I became interested in something I’d previously never really given much thought to: our toothbrushes.  What a shame that these things are sold entombed in a hunk of plastic (not recyclable in my area) and the toothbrush itself was made of plastic too. How crazy did it […]