A Day In The Life Of A Texas Homesteader – Cattle, Chickens, Meal Planning & More

by Texas Homesteader ~  Many have asked what a typical day on our Northeast Texas Homestead looks like. Of course every day is different, but come along with me and see what a day in the life of this Texas Homesteader looks like today.

Zero-Waste Cooking – The Art of Eliminating Leftover Food

by Texas Homesteader ~  Reducing waste in the grocery budget is a hot topic right now. Rushed parents and over-scheduled folks are doing the best they can to keep their grocery budget low in these days of high-priced groceries. But the USDA estimates that between 30% and 40% of our food is ending up in […]

What Food Is Growing In My Homestead Garden in May?

by Texas Homesteader ~  I’m sharing what I’ve planted in my Texas Homestead garden, where you can find those plants and seeds for your own garden and even different ways & recipes I use I enjoy each thing I harvest. C’mon and walk with me through the garden & let’s see what’s “growing” on these […]

How To Grow The Best Tomatoes – Seed Starting, Planting Strategies, Harvest & MORE!

by Texas Homesteader ~  In many home vegetable gardens tomatoes are the crimson sweethearts of them all. I’m sharing easy tips to grow the best tomatoes ever – when to start seeds, where in the garden to plant, best way to water, harvesting, ripening green tomatoes and MORE. 

April Garden Update: Come See What’s New In My Homestead Vegetable Garden!

By Texas Homesteader ~   Come see what’s growing in my Homestead garden. And I’m sharing tips like my favorite garden-planning tool, two ways to get an early start on starting seeds, my favorite raised bed, the benefits of living mulch, making my own soil and MORE! Let’s stroll through my NE Texas Homestead garden and […]