5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Horse Apple Triplets!

  1. Holly

    Wow! Never seen a hedge apple quite like that before!

    I’ve heard they’re good pest repellents if you slice them in half and stick them in your closets. Seems like they would rot and make a mess, though.

  2. Nicole

    It looks like a giant brain to me. Thanks for sharing on #yuckstopshere link up. Please come share again next week.

  3. one of God's

    Had to laugh because the phrase “horse apple” equates to “road apple” in my mind so I just had to see your pic.

  4. ColleenB.

    WOW! That is one for the books. Have never seen anything like it.
    ‘If Only I had a Brain.’ Reminds me of a Big Jolly Green Giant brain.
    That photo should be submitted to a Country Farmers Magazine or something


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