Throw-Back Thursday: Easy Recipe

by Texas Homesteader ~

It’s Throw-Back Thursday, y’all!  So today I’m sharing with you one of RancherMan’s favorite desserts – Apple Pie Tortilla Rolls.  (These days I’m also whipping up my own Cherry Pie Filling and making CHERRY Pie Tortilla rolls too.) Whatever flavor pie filling you like, go for it!

I’ve made apple pie tortilla rolls for dinner guests many times, and I love that there’s really not even a recipe for them.  Prepare – bake – done!  So if you’re looking for a quick, easy, company-worthy dessert that’s so simple it doesn’t even require a recipe, read on, dear friends…

Throw-Back Thursday: Delicious, quick Apple Pie Tortilla Rolls. No recipe is even needed! Here's a quick dessert option for your home too. #TexasHomesteader

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