Repurposing Empty Coffee Canisters – Food Storage

by Texas Homesteader ~  Y’all know we drink coffee that’s sold in red and black plastic canisters. When the coffee’s gone the canisters are handy and I’ve used them for so many things so far. But they’ve been most beneficial for food storage. It’s like my very own (free and easily replaceable) plastic food storage […]

Repurposing An Empty Coffee Canister: Dried Herbs

by Texas Homesteader ~ Coffee canisters are easy to repurpose for any number of things. And repurpose them we do! Y’all know we love our coffee. We prefer Folgers to other brands of coffee. But at least their coffee canister is food-grade plastic. So in addition to other non-food repurposes, I’m able to do even […]

Repurposing Coffee Canisters – Removing The Print

by Texas Homesteader ~ *affiliate link As bonafide coffee drinkers, we have no shortage of empty coffee canisters to repurpose. For some repurposes I use the coffee can as-is. Others I painted. But for food-storage purposes I wanted to leave the canister unpainted. I found removing the print proved to be much more difficult than […]

Using Repurposed Coffee Canisters When Weeding The Garden

by Texas Homesteader ~ *contains affiliate link Do you have empty coffee cans waiting for repurpose? They’re so handy with their snap-on lids. Y’all know RancherMan & I are avid coffee drinkers. But we don’t want sweetsy, foamy flavored, overly-sugared drinks. We want coffee. Strong, black, delicious. As a result we have lots of empty […]