Throwback Thursday: Crafts

by Texas Homesteader ~

Let’s celebrate Throwback Thursday, shall we?  Today’s share is one of my favorite projects too.  You see, last year I was so saddened that a huge cedar tree that had died in our barn pasture and had to be cut down. I loved that tree!

We used one of the larger limbs for my Clothesline Pole and while I loved that, the rest of this massive tree was just hauled to the burn pile.  I couldn’t stand that soon the bonfire would be lit & it would be gone forever.  So I asked RancherMan to go out to the burn pile & cut some of the thicker parts of the tree into 3 separate lengths.  Puzzled, he placated me anyway.  I absolutely love what we made with them.

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5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Crafts

  1. Harold Thornbro

    That turned out Awesome! I showed the picture to my wife and she now DEMANDS we make something similar for our yard. She doesn’t have to talk me into it, i’m on board. Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      LOL Harold! Give it a go, there are lots of ways to personalize it to your own tastes as you can see from this cedar light feature as well as the link in the original post to the Bois D’Arc one we made for our daughter. And I think this would be the perfect housewarming gift for someone too. Have fun with it! ~TxH~

  2. candace

    That is nice looking and so functional. But don’t your guys have any type of wood heat in your house?? I’d love a bucked up cedar tree in my woodshed. Or ground up for mulch. I’m hooked on mulch right now as I’m working to reclaim a perennial garden from the weeks with thick layers of newspaper (I’ve saved them for years, much to the chagrin of The Bird Man who lives with me.) Well, now the newspapers are all used up and I’m on to cardboard from the boxes we used to move the family items from his mother’s house in Ohio out here to Oregon. Unfortunately I can’t unload all the boxes until I get a cabinet built in my dining room (better than adding a room to the house) for all the china and glassware. Luckily an wonderful neighbor here does finish carpentry along with a jillion other things. But it’s summer and they have a big truck garden that they sell from at a stand on their place. So, he’s busy. BTW-we will be having a get together here at our place in August to celebrate the completion of the wonder barn. You should pack up the kids and grand kids and dogs and come. It must be too hot in August in East Texas to do much of anything outside.

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      We do Candace, but I feel it burns too hot and has too much creosote buildup potential to use this much. But I did use it for my clothesline pole and this lovely cedar solar light feature. And since all my mulch is obtained free from the city I had no need to try to work this huge tree into mulch (but I totally agree with you – I’m a big fan of mulch as well!) I’m so excited y’all are celebrating the completion of the barn. It’s always such a wonderful thing when a barn is completed. ~TxH~


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