Throwback Thursday

by Texas Homesteader ~

Cooler weather is sneaking up on many areas of the US.  But it’s still  hot, humid & sticky here in NE Texas.  How’s the weather where you are – are y’all enjoying cooler weather yet??   And we finally made it to the weekend too – TGIF y’all!  To celebrate the day I’ll share a Throwback Thursday post with ya.  I’ll fall back into the archives and bring back to the surface a post that’s proved very popular with our readers in the past.  Today’s post is aaaaaaall about PIZZA NIGHT!

RancherMan & I like homemade pizza of course.  But we also like it’s quicker pizza cousin – the tortilla pizza.  And what better shortcut than to have on hand dehydrated Italian-flavored tomato leather to speed up those pizzas?  Pull out tortilla, place tomato leather & just start piling on the toppings.  The tomato leather rehydrates while the pizza is cooking. Now that’s homemade convenience food at its finest! Come see how I made tomato leather from leftover pasta sauce.

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