Beginning Beekeeping: Obtaining Your Bees

~by Texas Homesteader ~ Last week we talked about the beekeeping preparation steps that were necessary before we ever obtained our first bees. There was lots to do: Educate ourselves on best beekeeping practices, join a local beekeeper’s association, decide where our hives will be located, prepare the location for the hives, obtain the beekeeping […]

Beginning Beekeeping: Becoming A NewBee

by Texas Homesteader ~ *affiliate link RancherMan & I love raising cattle, and we added chickens to the mix because they’re so much fun and, you know, EGGS!  But we were wondering what (if anything) we’d like to add to our current barnyard fun. We’d tried raising goats but that just wasn’t for us. But […]

How to Bottle Honey: From Beehive to Jar

by Texas Homesteader ~ It’s not hard to bottle fresh sweet honey from the apiary. But what steps need to be taken from beehive to jar? There are things to watch for. Things such as moisture content in your honey, capped vs uncapped honeycomb, etc. But now? Finally the time is right. We’re going to […]

Requeening a Honeybee Hive – Things We Didn’t Know…

By Texas Homesteader ~  Hobby Beekeeping is enjoying quite a popular resurgence. Many people are becoming interested in raising their own bees, whether for pollination of their own gardens, that delicious honey, valuable beeswax or just to care for our beloved pollinators. Today I’ll be talking about requeening our hive. There are many reasons a […]