Beginning Beekeeping: Feeding Your Hive In Winter

by Texas Homesteader ~ We purchased two established hives in the spring of 2016. So far they’ve done very well. I’ve been sharing details of our beekeeping journey along the way. I’ve linked to various topics we’ve already covered below. Feel free to check ’em out! But when the weather starts turning colder RancherMan begins […]

Beginning Beekeeping: Checking The Hive For Varroa Mites

by Texas Homesteader ~ Beekeeping is an ever-learning endeavor. We realize there is still much to learn and we’ll learn more as time goes by. Two very important things we’ve already learned are: Each beekeeper will keep their hives differently in a way specific to their circumstances, and Varroa mites are an ever-present danger for […]

Wordless Wednesday: Heartbreaking Results of Pesticide For Beekeepers

by Texas Homesteader ~ As new beekeepers, it was heartbreaking to see hundreds of dead bees beneath our hives.  We didn’t spray pesticides to stop the advance of the Armyworms in our pastures. But someone within a 3-mile radius apparently did. Look at all the dead bees! There’s GOT to be a better way! ~TxH~ […]

Beginning Beekeeping: Expanding The Hive

by Texas Homesteader ~ RancherMan & I are raising our own hives of bees using the popular Langstroth hive. If you’ve been following our Beekeeping Series, you’ll know we’ve already discussed preparation steps before you ever get your bees, then the steps needed when you actually receive your bees and even another post about internal […]

Beginning Beekeeping: Inspecting Bee Hives

~by Texas Homesteader ~  We’re still NewBEES but there are many who are interested in raising bees, so we’ve been asked to blog about our experience. I’ve written about the beekeeping preparation steps that were necessary before we ever obtained our first bees in this Preparation Post. And I’ve written another post about what to do […]

Beginning Beekeeping: Obtaining Your Bees

~by Texas Homesteader ~ Last week we talked about the beekeeping preparation steps that were necessary before we ever obtained our first bees. There was lots to do: Educate ourselves on best beekeeping practices, join a local beekeeper’s association, decide where our hives will be located, prepare the location for the hives, obtain the beekeeping […]