Throwback Thursday

by Texas Homesteader~

Today’s topic is determining the color eggs your hens will lay.  I was surprised to find out you can often tell what color eggs your hens will lay by looking at their earlobes.  (Really?  I didn’t even know chickens HAD ear lobes) 

Now for some reason our current hens are on strike.  ALL of them!  This year we only have 5 laying hens, but the year-old one that’s been laying for months hasn’t presented an egg to us in over a MONTH. The other four should have begun laying around the end of August, but nary an egg from any of them.  I’m perplexed!

They’re all young so no molt issues. And they’re not broody, just not laying. We even locked them in the coop for a week or so to check to see if maybe they were laying eggs somewhere in their free-range territory. Nuttin! 

So at least with today’s post I can look back fondly on those good ole days when we were getting lots of eggs. If you are new to chicken raising like us and wonder what color eggs your hens will lay, check it out!

Often a hen's earlobe will determine the color egg she will lay. If you are new to chicken raising, check it out! #TexasHomesteader

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One thought on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Jessica

    Our year old hens are all not laying as well. They’re all molting- feathers everywhere and very scraggly looking chickens! I talked to a fellow chicken-keeping friend and she’s in the same boat. She said she doubts they’ll start laying again until the days start to lengthen. Oh no! Makes me consider getting a sun lamp for them…


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