Throwback Thursday

by Texas Homesteader ~


Well TGIF y’all!  January with all its coldness is marching on as we all knew it would, I’m dreaming of warmer sunshiny days ahead, how ’bout you??  But blustery winter weather has its place too I guess, I do enjoy heating up some homemade apple cider and sipping it as I sit under a warm throw on the couch all schnoodled up with RancherMan watching a movie, so there’s that I guess…

Today I’m falling back into the archives to bring back to the surface a post that’s proven very popular in the past and today’s entry is all about saving money.  Many folks use the start of a new year to make saving money a goal, but sometimes you need a little guidance to finally be successful.  RancherMan & I have a handful of personal finance books that have been incredibly helpful in our own financial journey – we’ve used the advice of these pros to help us along our path.  Do you have any of these books?  Read on, dear friends.

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