Throwback Thursday

by Tammy Taylor


It’s time for another Throwback Thursday post!  You see, I do this fun thing where I dig back into the archives and bring back to the surface a post that’s proved very popular in the past.  Today’s post is something I know you’ll enjoy, it’s a lifestyle that’s near and dear to my heart.

It seems it’s all the rage these days – folks are trying to slow down and live each day more deliberately – the movement is called “Voluntary Simplicity” and it’s really gaining momentum.  What about you?  Are you ready to get off the fast track & start living in the moment each day?  Read on, dear friends…

Voluntary Simplicity is slowing down and being mindful as you go throughout your day. Doing so gives your days more meaning. Give it a try! #TexasHomesteader

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Judith C

    Girl! You are singing my song and I can hear you all the way over here. Some people look at it as if it’s more work, but I look at it as bliss. It’s so relaxing to me to hang my clothes out on the line, and at this time of the year I can get a load dried and ready to bring in as I wash and bring another load out. Making the chore take less time. Most of my Sunday cooking, like making big cat head biscuits for hubby’s breakfast, a loaf of farmer’s bread for my lunches and something sweet to take us through the week have become just part of the day like making the bed. Now if only I could convince the hubby that we need to move to the country!


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