Throwback Thursday Recipe

by Tammy Taylor


I’m pretty excited about today’s Throwback Thursday post ’cause I’m talking about how easy it is to make something I used to buy.  You see I’m not a big mayonnaise fan, mostly because of the fat content, plus I hated to buy those expensive PLASTIC jars of the stuff when I wanted to make egg salad or cole slaw.   But I’m here to tell ya there’s a better (and much less expensive) way.  You can MAKE it yourself.  Oh yes you can, hear me out now.  And it’s EASY too!  I like to flavor mine with a crushed garlic clove right from my garden for a little extra punch.  Wanna know how?  Read on, dear friends.

I was excited learning to make my own mayonnaise, it's easy. And a secret ingredient makes the mayo stay fresh much longer. Read to find out. #TexasHomesteader

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