Throwback Thursday

by Tammy Taylor


Today’s post reaches back in the blog archives for a post that has proved very popular & brings it to the surface for you to enjoy. Today’s topic? HUMMINGBIRD NECTAR!  I used to buy those little packets of pre-made mix when I filled my hummingbird feeder.  They only cost a couple of bucks so I never really even thought about it.  But when I started to become aware of trash I was generating during the course of my typical purchases I started providing many things for myself that I used to just buy without a second thought.  Wonder if I can make my own hummingbird nectar too?  As a matter of fact I can – and it’s so shamefully easy I wish I’d started doing it sooner!

I found out how amazingly easy it is to make your own hummingbird food - wish I had started doing it sooner! #TexasHomesteader

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