Throwback Thursday: Easy Recipe

by Texas Homesteader ~

To celebrate Throwback Thursday I’m gonna share with you a recipe for honey-sweetened whipped cream. You see, I’d never made homemade whipped cream before.  Everyone told me it was super easy, but it took our sweet granddaughter whipping up homemade whipped cream before our very eyes to give me the push to try making it myself.  I found a delicious honey-sweetened whipped cream recipe over at Real Food Enthusiast, and decided to give it a try.

I tweaked the recipe to suit our tastes, but boy howdy was it ever delicious.  And easy!  Check it out.

I finally took the leap and made my own honey-sweetened whipped cream. It was delicious, fast and oh-so-easy! #TexasHomesteader

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6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Easy Recipe

  1. candace Ford

    I’ll send up a little NW prayer for rain for you. We have not had any rain to speak of either. Worrisome! Could be global warming OMG!!!

  2. candace Ford

    Cool Whip – wow, I used to love it, then came canned spray whip and I had a new love but real cream, whipped and sweetened – just can’t be beat. When the grand daughter was little (I just took her yesterday to sign up for college classes for fall) and just lived to stay with us on the weekends we absolutely could NOT run out of canned whipped cream. Those years were so fun and soooo easy, things are a bit more challenging now. Those danged kids just keep growing up.
    RAIN- where is it? I guess it has all fallen on other places with the rash of hurricanes.
    The river behind the house – sooooo low!
    Our water supply seems to be holding, it’s a spring, but it’s still a worry.

  3. candace Ford

    Hard to believe anyone had not made whipped cream! Of course when I was kid the only time we had it was at holiday meal time when we had “fruit” salad (orange, banana and if I was lucky a can of mandarin oranges oranges). Never tried it with honey. Now I try to stay away from it – old age and the battle of the bulge!!!

    The barn party came and went and was so much fun – 30 plus neighbors and several friends from out of town. Everyone got pressed into service and had lots to eat. I love big gatherings. But now there is still a ton of work needing to be done. Finish painting the rest of the outside of the barn, get fencing back up, cope with what looks like a big tomato crop coming on and then there is kale, my kale loves me, last year’s kale is still kicking it out.

    Hope everyone is well in Texas!!!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Ya know Candace, RancherMan always preferred Cool-Whip instead, so I typically buy it for him – like you, only at holiday times. But I wanted to make my own whipped cream too. I’d always seen it made with powdered sugar and was thrilled to find this recipe sweetened with honey instead. It’s delicious!

      I’m so glad your barn party was such a smash hit. How exciting!!

      But your garden giving you all that produce? I’ll admit I’m a little jealous. Although the whole area around us is in a drought as well, for some reason when that precious little rain DOES come, it still misses us. We’ve had neighbors a mile down the road get over an inch, with nary a drop falling here. Trees are dying en masse here and I’m struggling to get the garden to just limp through until fall, hoping & praying to get something, ANYTHING from it! But when it’s this dry you just can’t drop enough water on it from a hose. We need rain. BAD! ~TxH~

  4. Evelyn Edgett

    I love whipped cream with honey

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it all came together Evelyn. I thought I’d be using the KitchanAid’s whisk beater for 10 minutes or so but nope. 2 minutes. Done! ~TxH~


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