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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays??

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

This time of year we often see shouting from different sides of the fence about the holidays.  Some are incensed that someone would dare take Christ out of the holiday, some are angry that someone is pushing for only homemade gifts while others are angry that some families like to shop for their Christmas gifts.

I find this puzzling and oftentimes very much counter to the season itself. A season that typically promotes feelings of joy & peace. 

You may not celebrate your holidays the way your neighbor does. And that’s OK!

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? What a beautiful thing it would be to celebrate the season with the best gift of all: LOVE! #TexasHomesteader

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Garden Update: February Chores

by Texas Homesteader ~

It’s been a very strange winter indeed this year. Oh we’ve had some blustery cold days alright but for the most part it’s been very mild. Heck here it is the middle of February and it was 80 degrees with sunshine today! But such wonderful weather lends itself well to working in the garden. I want to prepare it for a super-productive harvest this year. Come see what my February chores entailed.

Soon it will be time to plant my vegetable garden. I need to be prepared! Come see my February Veggie garden chores. #TexasHomesteader

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Homestead Hack: Leftover Roast Into Hearty Stew

by Texas Homesteader ~

Who doesn’t love a hearty stew when the weather’s cold? And if you’re using leftover roast to make it, that meal can be on the table in minutes.

Recently I wrote about the benefit of planned leftovers. That’s the method of cooking when you purposely cook more of an item than you will eat at one time.

Then bibbidy-bobbedy-boo presto-changeo remake the leftovers into brand new and delicious recipes.

But today I’m sharing the quickest & most basic delicious leftover idea: a Hearty Stew!

Planned Leftovers remade into the quickest meal possible - a hearty meat/veggie stew. Check out this Homestead Hack. #TexasHomesteader

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Planned Leftovers: Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

by Texas Homesteader ~

I’ve written before about how I love the Cook-Once, Eat-Twice method of cooking. And of course its close relative the Planned Leftovers method too. 

With Cook-Once Eat-Twice cooking you might cook several meatloaves or stuffed peppers so you can freeze it for the same entrée later.

With Planned Leftovers you cook much more than you’ll eat at one meal so you can remake the leftovers into something completely new and delicious on another day. 

I wrote recently about cooking el mucho quantities of pork roast to use for planned leftovers.  But today I’ll share the planned leftovers I enjoyed from a recent Slow Cooker Sticky Chicken I made.

Planned Leftovers: Use leftover chicken, a few dried out corn tortillas, a few cans of veggies to make delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup! #TexasHomesteader

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Whispers of Past Lives… Bringing Times Back To The Surface

by Texas Homesteader ~

One day RancherMan took my hand & suggested we enjoy an unseasonably warm day & take a walk around the homestead. As I often do this time of year when the poison ivy and snakes are (for the most part) dormant, I found myself once again at the location where the previous owners used to take their household discards.

Although our barn and some of the barbed wire on our property dates back to the 1880’s, the last residents before us had their house burn down because of a lightening strike sometime in the late 1950’s. So this area where they tossed their no-longer usable household items so long ago is like a mini time travel for me and I love it!

It seems I can learn about those inhabitants from so long ago from what they left behind, a broken child’s die-cast car, broken household trinkets and glass jars.

WHISPERS OF PAST LIVES: The previous homesteaders home burned back in the 1950's, but I can read their stories by what they left behind #TexasHomesteader

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Veggie Garden Preparation: February Chores

by Texas Homesteader ~

Well spring is coming y’all. But just because it’s still cold outside doesn’t mean there’s not lots to be done to prepare for a successful garden. Gardeners know that gardening starts way before planting time.

And during the cold months of winter is when I’m able to start making plans and taking steps to assure a bountiful harvest this year. Come on, let’s see what we’re up to…

FEBRUARY GARDEN CHORES: Gardening starts way before planting time. During the winter months I'm able to take steps to assure a bountiful harvest #TexasHomesteader

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Wordless Wednesday: ‘Bunny Flowers’

by Texas Homesteader ~ 

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: Henbit weed or cute bunny flower? It's all in your perception, folks. Look for the fascinating things in your life today! #TexasHomesteader

When our youngest daughter was a toddler she used to love the late-winter weed henbit because to her it looked like a bunny rabbit, hence the name ‘Bunny Flower’. Some may just see a weed, others see something fascinating. It’s all in your perception, folks. Look for the fascinating things in your life today!


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