4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Autumn In Texas

  1. Karina -My Letters of Transit

    That is a beautiful photo! I love the way the light of the setting sun hits the tops of the trees, making them look like they are catching fire. The way autumn plays with colors is quickly making it my favorite season. Must be nice to enjoy it in the warmth of Texas. That field looks like paradise btw, I love big open spaces and this one looks like a fabulous place to wander around in for hours.

  2. ColleenB.

    Beautiful; especially with the sun shining on it. Such a great country photo.
    It’s so lovely that it should be mounted on canvas using Decoupage and hung on the wall

  3. Karen Del Tatto

    thank you for sharing this beautiful picture! I sat and looked at it for quite a while, just crawled right into it!

    how blessed you are!


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