Throwback Thursday

by Tammy Taylor

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Well happy day, it’s Throwback Thursday– where we reach back in the blog archives for a post that has proved very popular with our readers & bring it back to the surface for you to enjoy. How timely that today I’m thinking about protecting our home from that searing summer heat.  Here in the blistering heat of a NE Texas summer the high cost of keeping your home cool can be a budget buster.

RancherMan & I have discovered the magic of our inexpensive homemade * solar screens to keep the sun’s heat outside where it belongs.  Yep, it’s made quite a difference to the heat the sun usually transfers through those windows and I love the way they make our home look.  Check it out.

SOLAR SCREENS made quite a difference to the heat the sun usually transfers through our windows and I love the way they make our home look. #TexasHomesteader

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* A word about our Affiliate Link – We are currently enrolled as an Amazon Affiliate.  Occasionally I will insert an affiliate link into one of my posts if I think it may be of interest to you.  I  receive nothing from the manufacturer, but I love our solar screens & thought you might too. If you click on any of my affiliate links and buy something (almost anything, not just what was linked) I get a small referral percentage from Amazon.  But here’s the really important part – the price you pay for your items is UNCHANGED.
When you buy something through the affiliate link it’s a great way to support this blog without anything coming out of your pocket so please click often!

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. gina

    I can’t open the “read more”. I think it is my phone issue not your site. Can you forward this to me at my email? You should have it as part of our friends on facebook but if not I will send to you in a personal message. Thanks

  2. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    Oh, the solar screens are Great………. just as good as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
    When we moved from the city to the country it wasn’t long before we put solar screens on due to the fact there are no shade trees and the front of our house faces south- southwest.
    What a difference it made having the screens put on. Not only did it make a difference in the utility bill but also saves from the carpet and furniture from fading due to the direct sun beating in the living room windows. One of the best investments we made

  3. Kathy

    your “read more” link goes no where!

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Kathy, so sorry about that, it’s been fixed now. We’ve had some trouble with WordPress activating the links on our blog post after it goes live for some reason – I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it in the future. Thanks so much for letting me know. ~TxH~


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