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How To Make A Cute Clothespin Apron

by Texas Homesteader ~

My baby sister has recently been bitten hard by the ‘green’ bug. Oh she’s been environmentally-aware all her life, but now all of a sudden she’s taking it to the next level. These days she’s even making her own homemade yogurt and cottage cheese.

And although she’s always enjoyed hanging a few things on the line, she’s transitioning into hanging more & more clean laundry under that blue Texas sky to dry. Not only does she love the savings, but she’s discovered there’s really no substitute for that amazing aroma of sunshine on clean laundry!

When she had a birthday recently I put on my thinking cap. Y’all know we like to make homemade gifts whenever possible, but what would she like. Hummm… I KNOW! I’ll make her a clothespin apron!

I used some fabric from a thrift store and some cotton cording to make a cute clothespin apron. It was an awesome gift! #TexasHomesteader

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1882 Elwood Barbed Wire Art – Wall Crosses

by Texas Homesteader 

Recently I wrote about framing a very large mirror with wood removed from our 1880’s barn during it’s exterior renovations. The mirror included embellishment using our Elwood barbed wire dating back to 1882. We enjoy using items from our ranch’s past and bring them close to us in our home.

We used our 1882 Elwood barbed wire found on our Texas ranch to create beautiful art for our home. Beautiful! #TexasHomesteader

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Making A Large Mirror Frame Using Reclaimed Wood

by Texas Homesteader 

To save our 1880’s barn we hired a contractor come shore up the exterior. We originally asked them to remove the the old ragged exterior boards and replace them onto the barn after the repairs were made.

But after removing these old boards and sorting through the ones too far gone for the barn, it was apparent there would be nowhere near enough wood to replace the entire surface. So we had them use new similarly-styled wood planks. We allowed the new wood to age for one year and then we sealed it for protection from the elements. They did an awesome job and our old barn has maintained it’s beautiful old look. (If you’d like a virtual tour of this beautiful old barn you can see it here.)

We used reclaimed wood from our 1880's barn to make a beautiful mirror frame for our home. #TexasHomesteader

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