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Low-Waste Hydration: Reusable GLASS Water Bottle

by Texas Homesteader ~
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Y’all know I hate plastic. Hate. Yes, HATE. HAAAATE plastic, so I wanted to get rid of the plastic tumbler I’m using to drink water throughout the day. 

I’ve had aluminum water bottles & wasn’t pleased with the experience. I’m assuming maybe stainless steel wouldn’t have the same issues? 

But although I’ve shopped for stainless water vessels, I really, REALLY would prefer to drink from glass.

As a matter of fact the last time I had multiple-day tractor duty mowing pastures I used a canning jar filled with ice water so I could enjoy that icy refreshing water in glass. And I loved it.

But the jar was so big around I was afraid I would drop it. Especially since my grip was ‘iffy’ after hours long maneuvering of the tractor’s steering wheel.

I need a glass water vessel that would be much easier and safer to grip but still holds a lot

I hate plastic, and I hate disposable water bottles or cups. I'm reviewing a 60% Recycled GLASS reusable water bottle - see what I found. #TexasHomesteader

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