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Course Drinks
Keyword beverage, mint, stevia, sugar free



  • 1 Cup Fresh Mint Leaves - washed, crushed & tightly packed (I use chocolate mint)
  • 1 10" - 12" Stem Fresh Stevia, leaves washed, stripped & crushed



  1. Rinse fresh mint stems & strip leaves. Pack 1 cup tightly with mint leaves to measure. Then crush leaves between your hands and drop the crushed mint leaves into your jar.

  2. Repeat procedure with the stem of fresh Stevia.

  3. When all is added to your sun tea jar, finish filling jar with approximately 4-5 cups filtered water. Set tea jar in the sun & allow sun to 'brew' mint for about 6-8 hours. (depending upon sun intensity) Brewed liquid will be the color of brewed green tea.

  4. Strain out leaves and pour liquid into a glass filled with ice and enjoy!