Wordless Wednesday: Tiny Acrobats

by Texas Homesteader~ 

Wordless Wednesday: Tiny Acrobats! We love seeing these tiny acrobats so we keep homemade nectar in their feeder #TexasHomesteader

We love seeing these tiny acrobats so we keep homemade nectar in their feeder.


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3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Tiny Acrobats

  1. Gentle Joy

    What a beautiful feeder… I love watching those little birds also… they are so cheery (unless they are scrapping over who gets to be at the feeder! ) . 🙂

  2. ColleenB.

    they are so fun to watch.
    I just made up a batch of homemade nectar yesterday.
    I have a feeder just outside my window in the back and also a feeder out front due to the fact they do get aggressive and will chase other hummers away, so by having the feeders in 2 different locations does help.
    Thanks for sharing a great photo

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      I love them too Colleen. I only have the one feeder but I know there’s ample amounts of their natural food supply around – I just like to draw them closer from time to time so I can enjoy their beauty. They do chase each other around – one will get a drink now, another will get a drink later. But I have seen them on numerous occasions feeding together. Awwww…. Love them! ~TxH~


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