Throwback Thursday

By Tammy Taylor

Today’s Throwback Thursday post reaches back in the blog archives for a post that has proved very popular & brings it to the surface for you to enjoy. Today’s topic?  Laundry detergent!  I’ve been making my own laundry detergent for years, and sistah let me tell ya our laundry needs are great since our work day will typically take us chute-side with the cows.  I’ve been very pleased with the cleaning results of this detergent, check it out!

This laundry detergent recipe only uses 1-2 tablespoons for each load, but I use about 3 tablespoons for heavily soiled items like manure-covered jeans. #TexasHomesteader

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Kelly Veroski

    I would LOVE to try making my own detergent, but my family all have sensitive skin! Is there a safe version for us?

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Hummm… we don’t have unusually sensitive skin so I can’t speak about that, but I’d think the less chemically stuff you have in your detergent (like the commercial brands typically contain) the less sensitivity issues would be likely. Just my opinion… ~TxH~


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