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Failed Fences, GOOD NEIGHBORS!

by Texas Homesteader 

Panic sat in when RancherMan came rushing into the house saying he found the pasture gate open and the two weaning heifers were missing. 

We frantically searched the barn paddock and the south pasture, tree lines, creeks, etc. but they were nowhere to be found. Apparently they had nosed the chain enough to unlatch the gate. Then they simply walked down our driveway, out to the road and disappeared.

With our hearts pounding we jumped in the car and started down our county road, quickly looking in the open pastures as we drove along. As my head throbbed, visions of potential outcomes were going through my mind.

What if they went toward the highway? Or they got hit by a car? What if someone got hurt? Where do we even start to look? What if we can’t find them?

Good neighbors come to your aid in times of need. Read what happened when we experienced Failed Fences But GOOD NEIGHBORS! #TexasHomesteader

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Weaning Day Done Properly

By Texas Homesteader

Aaahhhh spring! The grass turns a beautiful lush green and the trees start leafing out. And here at the Homestead it also means weaning time for the fall-born calves.

Weaning the calves from their mamas takes a huge nutritional drain off of the dams and allows them to regain their proper body condition in preparation for their next calf. It’s an important health step for a vibrant and healthy herd.

We like our calves to stay with their dam until they are at least 7 months old. But we’ve weaned early when the conditions warranted such as during a drought.

There's more to weaning calves than separating calf from dam. Preparation starts a couple of weeks before the separation ever happens. #TexasHomesteader

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A Day At the Homestead

by Texas Homesteader~
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I’m often asked what a typical day looks like when you’re both living and working on a Homestead. Well I can say in all honesty that it’s NEVER boring!  It’s funny how it’s near impossible to plan with certainty what a day in our lives will look like. There are so many variables like weather, cattle illness, fence issues, etc.

But c’mon and tag along today & I’ll show ya what a typical day looks like for us here in our Texas paradise.

Wonder what it's like to live & work on a Texas homestead? Well c'mon down & spend the day with us! #TexasHomesteader

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