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Waiting for Baby

One of our cows is due to deliver her calf next Monday.  It’s always exciting when you’re expecting a calf but if you’re using the A.I. procedure you know the exact day that cow was bred and even the exact number of gestation days for that particular cow.  For me it makes the waiting game all the more nail biting because I’ve known this blessed event is coming since just 28 days after her breeding.

Using A.I. we know exactly when our cow was bred, and when that calve will be born. Our cow is almost ready to calve! #TexasHomesteader

Every day we make a round through the pastures, always including a thorough  inspection of our girls and calves.  Does everyone look good?  Is everyone accounted for?  Are all the calves bouncing & happy?  Our herd is used to our presence and we’re allowed to come close to any of them without anyone becoming alarmed.  If they’re laying down they don’t even bother getting up – to them I’m just one of the girls!  Although it’s labor intensive to be in each cow’s physical presence so often, a gentle herd is worth all the work necessary to maintain it.
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A Mama’s Love

Awwwww… a mother’s love. This is our bull calf born here on the ranch in March. He is the A.I. product of our most productive herd cow and a high-producing sire.  He’s got the same gentle disposition as his dam, one of the reasons she’s such a valuable part of our breeding herd. I love watching them in their daily lives.