Dual-Purpose Edible Landscape Offers Both Beauty & Food

by Texas Homesteader ~  What if you could have a beautiful flowerbed in front of your home and harvest food from it too? Edible landscaping is simply choosing pretty vegetable and herb plants in different sizes, shapes and textures to plant right into your decorative garden. I’ll give you tips on how to plant a […]

How We Reduced Our Household Trash – A Few Simple Tips!

by Texas Homesteader ~  We’ve managed to reduce our landfill contributions over the years by using a few simple tricks. We’ve even been able to eliminate our trash collection service and associated fees. So the result has been positive for both our budget as well as the environment.

Things I No Longer Buy At The Store To Save Money & The Environment

by Texas Homesteader ~  There are many things that I no longer buy at the store. I’m typically able to make do (quite nicely, actually) with what I already have here at home. I’ve found it just took looking at things in a different way.  Come see what I no longer buy at the store.