Preserving The Harvest: Making Tomato Sauce

Texas Homesteader ~  My garden isn’t producing heavily yet, but I came across a great deal recently on a large quantity of beautiful fresh tomatoes. So decided I would make them into homemade tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is an ingredient I use quite a bit in my kitchen. And making these fresh tomatoes into tomato […]

Preserving The Harvest: Canning Asparagus

by Texas Homesteader ~  I grow asparagus in my garden each spring. But even if you’re buying it, asparagus is both fresher and less expensive when it’s in season. Wouldn’t you love to enjoy fresh asparagus throughout the year? Me too! So I decided to preserve my fresh asparagus by canning it!

Preserving The Harvest: Dehydrating Bell Peppers

Texas Homesteader ~ *contains affiliate link I’ve planted many bell pepper plants in my garden this year. But it’s still too early in the season for them to be producing. So I stumbled upon a great deal on bell peppers at the store recently. Yeah, I mean like 15 peppers for $0.99 kinda great deal! […]

Preserving The Harvest: Canning Pears In Light Syrup

by Texas Homesteader ~   *contains an affiliate link I love to eat chilled canned pears in light vanilla syrup as a simple dessert. They’re delicious eaten cold right out of the fridge. So I set out to can some of fresh, juicy, delicious pears in a light vanilla-flavored syrup.

Preserving The Harvest: Pear Preserves

~by  Texas Homesteader~  *this post contains an affiliate link When it’s pear season, I like to make fresh pear preserves. It’s a favorite of RancherMan’s for sure! RancherMan loves the pear preserves typically made by a close friend. So I called her up & asked if she would share her recipe. Being the sweetheart that […]

Preserving The Harvest: Pressure-Canning Corn

by Texas Homesteader~  * contains affiliate link I recently received quite a few ears of sweet corn but it was WAY more than we could eat fresh.   I wanted to preserve it so none would be wasted. Our freezer is already pretty full so I was only able to toss in a couple of […]