Throwback Thursday

by Tammy Taylor

It’s really heating up here in NE Texas, our temps have gone to the 100 degree mark with about a million percent humidity – WHEW!  With heat like this it’s more enjoyable to eat cool or cold foods, so we’re focusing on salads, sandwiches & colder foods to ease the discomfort.  We enjoy ice cream for dessert during the dog days of summer to cool us from the inside out, but c’mon – eating ice cream several times a week can’t be the healthiest thing in the world.  So these days I’m making ice cream using healthier ingredients like frozen bananas, fat-free milk and instant pudding mix.  But I didn’t want to keep buying boxes of instant pudding so I learned how to make it myself!  And to celebrate Throwback Thursday, I’ll share it with you today.  Check it out, y’all!

Fall-Back Friday: MYO Fat-Free Instant Pudding Mix #TexasHomesteader

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