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Cherry-Flavored Gummy Chews Made From Excess Garden Squash

by Texas Homesteader ~
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Did you know you can make a sweet gummy-chew candy from excess garden squash?

Recently I was skimming my Facebook newsfeed and I saw someone post about making a sweet chewy fruit-flavored treat from overgrown excess garden squash.  Whaaaaaa….???  I’m intrigued!

What can you do with all that garden squash? Make sweet cherry-flavored gummy snacks for your family with overgrown zucchini or squash! #TexasHomesteader

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Canning Recipe: Homemade Cinnamon-Vanilla Applesauce

by Texas Homesteader
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I like to use plain unsweetened applesauce as a delicious snack and also as a replacement for some of the oil I use when baking. But I made a LOT of applesauce. I’m thinking about maybe using some of it to make an even sweeter treat: Cinnamon-Vanilla flavored applesauce. 

It couldn’t be easier, check it out!

HOMEMADE APPLESAUCE is super easy, and I've made some of it into extra-special Cinnamon-Vanilla Applesauce. I've canned it to enjoy all winter #TexasHomesteader

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