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How To Make A Cute Porch Lantern

by Texas Homesteader ~

RancherMan & I had a wonderful porch addition built to augment our back porch. Even before the porch addition, we’ve always spent our evenings out there enjoying that Texas sunset. 

And when we have company, we all naturally congregated on the back porch. But now with the addition there’s even more room to spill outside & visit. And I’ve landscaped it up (on the cheap though, y’all) so it really is an oasis!

Recently I found several cute glass jar lantern lights at various craft & antique shops when we took a fun quick trip to Granbury, Texas. Of course I thought to myself: “I can make that!”

I used an old broken flip-top jar, some gravel and a small votive candle to make the cutest porch lantern ever. Come see! #TexasHomesteader

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Repurposing a Coffee Canister to a Cute, Country BreadBox

by Texas Homesteader ~
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I repurposed an empty coffee canister and turned it into a cute, country-style breadbox. I love the way it turned out. And repurposing these empty cans makes my crunchy heart happy.

Do you have an empty coffee can? Want to make your own cute bread box? Well read on, dear friends. 

I'm always repurposing those empty coffee canisters. But this time I've made an oh-so-cute country bread box. Love it! #TexasHomesteader

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Repurposing An Empty Coffee Canister: Dried Herbs

by Texas Homesteader ~

Coffee canisters are easy to repurpose for any number of things. And repurpose them we do!

Y’all know we love our coffee. We prefer Folgers to other brands of coffee. But at least their coffee canister is food-grade plastic. So in addition to other non-food repurposes, I’m able to do even more with it.

I can store large quantities of dried herbs in them.

Use those empty coffee canisters to store dried herbs. I have a huge harvest of dried rosemary stored to use in cooking & soap making. #TexasHomesteader

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Repurposing Coffee Canisters – Removing The Print

by Texas Homesteader ~
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As bonafide coffee drinkers, we have no shortage of empty coffee canisters to repurpose.

For some repurposes I use the coffee can as-is. Others I painted. But for food-storage purposes I wanted to leave the canister unpainted. I found removing the print proved to be much more difficult than I thought.

Scrubbing the canister, using nail polish remover, paint thinner – even a straight-edge blade wouldn’t remove that print! 

Hummmm…  this is going to take a little more investigation…

I like to repurpose those coffee canisters but how do you remove the print? It was more complicated than I thought but there's a secret #TexasHomesteader

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Easily Repurpose Items To New Life Before Throwing Away

by Texas Homesteader ~  

My eco-friendly self loves to repurpose items from their original use to fill yet another need. It prolongs the time it takes to throw something away, and it often eliminates the need to buy what you repurposed it for.

Below are simple ways we’ve repurposed containers such as glass or plastic, holy socks, old jeans and more!

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