2 thoughts on “Butterfly on Ironweed plant #TexasHomesteader

  1. George Tyler

    would like receipe for honey suckle jelly

    1. Texas Homesteader Post author

      Of course, George – here is the link –> http://txhomesteader.com/recipe-honeysuckle-jelly-childhood-memories-in-a-jar/ . This post has been very popular since it was posted a couple of years ago and now that honeysuckle is in bloom it’s enjoyed a resurgence of popularity. I’ll admit – it’s delicious and I just made a double batch of it myself. (It makes great Christmas gifts) Also if you like there’s a search bar on the right-hand column of my blog page where you can type in “honeysuckle” and it will pull the recipe as well, whichever is easier. Enjoy! ~TxH~


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