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Easy Blueberry Muffin Recipe Using Fresh Blueberries

by Tammy Taylor~

I love blueberries! I’ve tried to grow blueberries several times here on the Homestead, but in the botanical hole of death that is our yard, it’s not been successful.  So instead I buy them. I can’t typically afford the fresh berries but I’m constantly using frozen blueberries by stirring them into my Homemade Yogurt or blending them with frozen bananas to make a healthy, cold summertime treat. Sometimes I thaw them & include them in my mixed-fruit bowl when I’m serving a cool yet healthy dessert.

But recently a friend invited me to go with her to a you-pick place to pick fresh blueberries. Oh how delicious, I came home with about a gallon of those big beautiful blueberries! I can’t typically afford to buy fresh blueberries so this was a treat indeed. Sure I still stirred them into my yogurt and even ate some by themselves.  But I really wanted to do something special with them. Hummm… I know, I’ll make homemade blueberry muffins!

With a batch of fresh blueberries to enjoy, I decided to make Blueberry Muffins. So easy, so delicious. Come check out my recipe! #TexasHomesteader

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Honey-Sweetened, Smoky BBQ Sauce

by Tammy Taylor~

Y’all know RancherMan’s an accomplished hunter.  And wild hogs are very plentiful & terribly destructive in our pastures.  We pair the two by having RancherMan harvest as many wild hogs as our large chest freezer can hold.  There’s no way to make a dent in the numbers in the pastures but at least we’ve always got pork in the freezer!

If we have the meat processed we get such things as pork chops and tenderized steaks in addition to ground pork, sausage and more.  But if the hog is small we typically process it ourselves simply into roasts & backstrap.

I like to utilize Planned Leftovers by cooking several roasts using my slow cookers.  I often  shred much of the cooked meat to make pulled pork.  (tip: there’s a much easier way than using 2 forks to Shred Cooked Pork)  Then I use that meat for various dishes such as Pulled Pork Enchiladas, Carnitas Tacos or BBQ. When I’m making BBQ I used to pick up a bottle of inexpensive BBQ sauce at the store.  Until NOW.

Check out this super-quick recipe for a sweet & tangy smoky BBQ sauce. It mixes up in minutes and is customizable to your tastes. #TexasHomesteader

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Healthy, Cold, Sweet Treat ‘Ice Cream’ Using Bananas & Fruit

by Tammy Taylor~

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It’s hot, hot HOT out there, y’all! I mean hot as in temps at 100 degrees or HIGHER several times this week.  WHEW! Here in NE Texas it seems we went from winter to summer with nary a mild spring day between!  So I’m focusing these days on cooler foods and cold desserts.  But I wanna keep it healthy too.  RancherMan loves, loves, LOVES ice cream, especially when it’s this hot outside.  But it’s just not healthy to indulge in such a high-fat treat too often.

I’ve written before about making a mock fat-free ice cream using frozen bananas and pudding mix.  The pudding makes the ice cream more creamy and less icy.  But I was looking for something even a little healthier.  So I started making our ‘ice cream’ using the frozen bananas for the sweetness and frozen fruit for an extra punch of flavor.

Now that it's hot outside I whip up a frozen sweet treat. It's like healthier ice cream using frozen bananas and berries. Delicious, cheap and healthy. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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How To Make Homemade Tri-Colored Pasta Noodles

by Tammy Taylor~

I remember when I first found out how easy homemade pasta is to make.  Now pasta purists typically use a special pasta flour called semolina.  And of course when I first started making homemade pasta I did too.  But y’all know I’m far from a purist with anything, especially in the kitchen!  I want quick, easy & delicious without special ingredients.  So I now just typically use plain ole all-purpose flour for my homemade pasta noodles and they always turn out great!

Flour – salt – egg – water and BOOM! 

Now don’t tell anyone else how easy it really is – people always seem to be impressed to find out that someone makes their own pasta!  So don’t rat me out, m’kay??  Pinky swear??

Recently I decided I’d try to make colored/flavored pasta using powdered dehydrated vegetables from my garden last year.  I knew I had dehydrated Malabar Spinach in the pantry, and dehydrated carrots too!  Come see what I did.

I love homemade pasta, but I wanted tri-colored pasta. So to my usual pasta dough recipe I added dehydrated & powdered spinach or carrots, leaving 1/3 plain. Delicious! #TexasHomesteader

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Easy Slow-Cooker Italian Flavored Pot Roast Recipe

RancherMan’s quite the accomplished hunter.  As such, we always have a freezer stocked full of pork roasts and I enjoy finding different ways to cook them.  I often use my slow cooker to prepare those roasts. Most of the time I’ll flavor it very generically so I can remake the leftover cooked meat into whatever we’re in the mood for.  I’ve made Carnitas Tacos, or Pulled-Pork Enchiladas, or even BBQ Sandwiches & more.

But today I’m in the mood for an Italian-style roast with diced tomatoes, chunky onions,  crushed garlic & minced fresh herbs.

Italian Flavored Pot Roast Recipe. Chunk a few simple ingredients into a slow cooker and then sit back & wait for supper to be cooked for you! #TexasHomesteader

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Fast Food: Basic Mix-n-Pour BBQ Sauce Recipe

by Tammy Taylor~

I like to cook a big, honkin’ pork roast & then plan other dinners for later from the leftovers.  This Planned Leftovers way of cooking is a budget saver for sure!  From that leftover pork roast I may shred and whip up Carnitas Tacos one night, being sure to use some of the cooked onions & peppers from that roast.  I’ve also been known to make Pulled Pork Enchiladas.  But an even faster remade dish is Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches.

Recently I decided BBQ sandwiches would be perfect for supper.  It had been such a busy day, I needed tonight’s supper to be easy! I often have a spare bottle of BBQ sauce in the pantry for such easy-supper plans. But alas, not this time!  I decided to try to whip up a basic BBQ sauce using just what I had in my fridge.

A simple no-cook BBQ sauce for pulled pork BBQ sandwiches that can be mixed in minutes. This recipe's easy with basic ingredients from the fridge. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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Easy No-Knead Rosemary Skillet Bread Recipe

by Tammy Taylor~

It’s well known that RancherMan loves bread.  A LOT!  I strive to keep him supplied in the soft & fluffy Sandwich Bread he loves.  And of course I’ve got other bread recipes in my arsenal too.  We love quick Beer Bread or spicy Jalapeno Cornbread.

And I’d been making cast-iron baked Boule Bread too. But that recipe requires you to heat a flat pan at the same time as you preheat the oven, tossing in water at the last minute to create steam.  That steam got between two glasses of my oven door & it’s nigh impossible to clean without disassembling the whole oven door!  So I’m looking for an easy no-knead skillet bread recipe that doesn’t require that step.

Then I found an even easier recipe for rosemary-flavored skillet bread. And heck, I’m able to flavor it with minced fresh rosemary from my garden.  Y’all know an easy no-knead stir-rise-bake bread recipe will be a fave in the Taylor kitchen!

Easy Rosemary Skillet Bread Recipe. A delicious no-knead bread baked in a cast iron skillet & seasoned with fresh rosemary. #TexasHomesteader

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Lazy Cook’s Chile Relleno Casserole Cups

by Tammy Taylor~

A family member had a bumper crop of various peppers last year.  So she seeded several various kinds of peppers & plunked ’em all in the freezer to share with me.  But now I’m trying to put them all to good use – especially those poblanos we love.  RancherMan & I both enjoy Tex-Mex food and we absolutely love chili rellanos.  But (and I can’t emphasize this enough, y’all) I’m a lazy cook!  So I thought it would be great if I could use my silicone muffin pan to make a quick-cooking chile relleno casserole into single-serve portions.

I gave it a try & RancherMan absolutely raved at this lazy-cook’s version of chili relleno.  I must admit, it was absolutely delicious.  And without the time spent roasting the peppers and other steps of traditional chili relleno.  Come see what I did.

I love chile relleno, but it's more work in the kitchen than I want. Come see my lazy cook's version of chile relleno, baked into single-serve cups! #TxHomesteader

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How To Make Simple Corn Tortillas

by Tammy Taylor~

I love to make pork roast, there’s so much you can do with the leftovers!  We recently enjoyed a hearty supper of pork roast & veggies one night and I planned to make pulled-pork enchiladas the next day with some of the leftover cooked roast.  Although we enjoy my quick Mix-N-Pour Tortillas, enchiladas require corn tortillas in the Taylor household but we had none.

As we stood in the store looking at the tortillas sold in a plastic bag, my mind went back several years to when I’d made them myself.  It was easy to make ’em, & heck this big bag of masa harina was only about $3.  Maybe I should dust off that tortilla press I have at home & give ‘er a go again.

Homemade Corn Tortillas! As I stood in the store looking at that handful of corn tortillas sold in a plastic bag I wondered, "Should I make these myself?" Easy, delicious, cheap and waste-free! #TexasHomesteader

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Recipe: Homemade Honey Graham Crackers

by Tammy Taylor~

I recently invited my folks to dinner at our house.  I made cute little individual apple pies baked in canning jars for dessert for them.  But I had 1/2 jar of apple pie filling left and I needed to make sure it got used. Ya know, when that apple pie filling jar starts with the picking of the actual apples, you don’t want to waste any of it!

I decided to use it up making a simple dessert for RancherMan & me.  I’d heat up that apple pie filling, put it on a bed of graham crackers and top it with graham cracker crumbs & whipped cream. Kinda like a quick No-Bake Apple Pie Dessert.  But I didn’t have any graham crackers. So I sat out to find (and of course not follow, lol) a recipe using standard pantry ingredients.

I needed graham crackers for a recipe so I made them myself. I even made them extra honey-flavored! Easy, Inexpensive & Delicious. #TaylorMadeHomestead

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