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Honey Locust Trees: Useless, Yet Useful

~by Tammy Taylor~

When RancherMan & I found this little piece of paradise, we were smitten that’s for sure. As we looked over that old fence at the dilapidated 1880’s barn and overgrown property, we saw something beautiful. We saw where our future would be found. We saw HOME.

It’s been lots of work getting our property where it is now, and we’re nowhere near done. You see, there’s a prolific tree growing here called ‘Honey Locust’. For the most part we find these trees troublesome. But out of a useless tree, at least there are some useful features

Honey Locust trees are all over our NE Texas property. For the most part we consider them troublesome. But there are some good features #TexasHomesteader

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Bois d’Arc Trees are Beautiful & Functional Trees In Texas

by Tammy Taylor~

Isn’t it funny when you’ve lived somewhere all your life you just naturally assume others across the country enjoy all the same stuff you do.  Our daughter was shocked with she moved from Texas to North Carolina & found out they had no Braum’s Ice Cream Stores.  (gasp!)  Or Whataburger.  WHAT?  She soon moved back to Texas, thank goodness.  North Carolina was too far for her to live from her beloved Texas with all its fineries!  LOL

But here on the blog I’ve been surprised that readers say they’ve never seen nor heard of the Bois d’Arc tree.  (pronounced bō-ˌdä(r)k).  They pretty much grow wild here and we have these trees scattered throughout our property.  I love ’em, so I thought I’d write a little about these magnificent trees and how they’re used.

We have several Bois d'Arc trees on our property. Although they're beautiful, they're incredibly functional as well. And how about those crazy-looking horse apples? #TexasHomesteader

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Chiggers: Separating Fact & Fallacy Plus Crazy Remedies

by Tammy Taylor~

Summer is here for sure in NE Texas y’all.  It’s HOT!  Now I love Texas, but we have some pesky things to deal with here.  The heat & humidity are certainly something to contend with.  And some of the bugs & pests are too.  Out here on the Homestead I’m constantly on the lookout for copperhead snakes, stinging wasps, scorpions, fire ants and to me the worst offender – the tiny chigger.

Oh the chiggers are brutal this time of year.  You stroll out into your pasture to check the cows and before you know it you’re covered with maddenly itchy red bumps.  This discomfort can stay for 2-3 weeks in some cases.  YIKES!  There are many home remedies for chigger bites, and much misinformation as well.  Today I thought I’d address the chigger and its tormentious bite.

Chiggers - we've all dealt with them, right? Oh the misery of their itching which can last for weeks. I've heard some crazy cures, most of them WRONG! #TaylorMadeHomestead

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