RECIPE: Homemade Jalapeno Cornbread Baked In Cast Iron Skillet

by Tammy Taylor I like to try to make things from scratch when I’m cooking.  It’s more delicious, less expensive and typically causes less landfill trash so it really appeals to me.  Usually when I’m looking for a recipe I’ll do an internet search, read the reviews, pick a recipe and just go with it.  […]

Caring For Cast-Iron Cookware

by Tammy Taylor~ *contains affiliate link My kitchen doesn’t have oodles of different sizes and brands of fancy cookware.  But  back in ‘the day’ I was the same as probably most of my friends.  I was rushing out to buy the latest and greatest cookware and food storage systems.  But after awhile my cupboards were […]

Cooking Breakfast Should Include Hazardous Duty Pay!

by Tammy Taylor~ We typically don’t eat breakfast so enjoying it is a special occasion indeed.  Usually either when we’re on a vacation or every year for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day when our tradition dictates that the honoree get homemade breakfast in bed. I typically opt for fresh fruit, yogurt and homemade pancakes. RancherMan […]

How Would Grandma Have Done It?

by Tammy Taylor~ How would grandma have done it? I’ve been seeing this question a lot on social media lately.  But it’s great food for thought, especially for those striving to reduce waste and save a little money too.  You see, plastic and single-use items weren’t commonplace back in grandma’s day.  And yet, grandma got […]

How To Make Simple Corn Tortillas

by Tammy Taylor~ I love to make pork roast, there’s so much you can do with the leftovers!  We recently enjoyed a hearty supper of pork roast & veggies one night and I planned to make pulled-pork enchiladas the next day with some of the leftover cooked roast.  Although we enjoy my quick Mix-N-Pour Tortillas, […]